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 Dennis Michalak was awarded MOOSE SPORTSMAN of the YEAR at our annual meeting March 2017, for his tireless service to our club. 

Congratulations Dennis. 

 MARK OSCAR was voted 'MOOSE SPORTSMAN of the YEAR" at our annual meeting March 2016. Mark went above and beyond what is expected of any member. Mark was awarded with a Sportsmans Jacket . these jackets cannot be bought , the only way to get one is to be voted Sportsman of the year!!!

Congratulations Mark !!!

50 year Member Harold Piehutkoski  was awarded a lifetime membership at our annual meeting March 2016 Harold has been an active member too...if you come out any weekend you may be lucky enough to shoot a round with him!!!

 How about a SHOUT OUT to Jim Bies. Jim is our 2015 MOOSE of the YEAR of the Ann Arbor Moose Lodge 1253.  Jim has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Always helping out wherever needed.  Give him a hand shake next time you see him and let him know he is appreciated.

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