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Join the Sportsman's League

Want to be a member?

  1. To be a member of the Sportsman's League, you need to be a member of Moose International.  if you are not a member already, there is an application that can be filled out online at the Moose International Website.

  2. In order join the Sportsman's League you will need a sponsor.  If you know a member already, talk to them about joining.  If you don't know a member, just show up to one of the open shoots to get to know the other members.  Check this site's Calendar for times.

  3. After you have a sponsor and fill out the Sportsman's application, you will then be invited to the next membership meeting.

  4. At the meeting you will have the chance to meet and get to know other members.

  5. If you are accepted into membership, there is a requirement of 16 hours of help.  This is important to get to know other members and to do your part to keep the Sportsman's running. After the 16 hours of help is completed, you are then given access to the property whenever you would like.

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